Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of School

This week was the beginning of my return to formal education...

I started my coursework at Front Range Community College, and I had a great week. My Teachers all seem to be very nice, and knowlegeable...and the best of all-i am not the oldest person in all of my classes. It's kind of fun to be back in school, and it reminds me of my very first day of school in Mrs. Soole's Kindergarten class.

I was a stinkin' cute kid....even if my hands always did need to be washed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally back in the Habit....

After choosing not to continue trying to figure out my password to my old blog, I have officially started a new one....Post one.
Today was a productive day. Went to the DMV, Motor Vehicle Registration and got my CO plates. I am now officially able to name my
so-podie asked whats TVK stand for? It took me a minute, and, after much internal deliberation, i decided t
o draw upon my many y
ears as a trekie. So i dutifully responded-
"Tuvak-live long, and prosper"
I dont think that i have heard dad laugh that hard in a couple of days-not since the road kill joke about the little bunny rabbit. Peter Cottonswab.

So the Impala now has a name and the rights of such.

And even though it makes me sound like more of a trekie nerd than i already was, i dont care, because i am a trekie nerd.

so there.

Just finished a road trip with pode. We went out to Vegas, LA, Modesto, and Oregon to m
ake some business contacts and attempt to sell some farms. 3,800 miles later, we are finally home-but i will still regail you w
ith the finer moments of the trip.

The first leg of the trip was
lovely Boulder, CO to barren Mesquite, NV where we stayed in a hotel for the night. we missed the exit to the Hotel we wanted to stay at, and ended up at CasaBlanca hotel. The Casino was mediocre and the pool had seen better days, but the Beds....the beds were some of the best that i have ever spent a night in. the beds were nice.

After Mesquite it was a long burn into Las Vegas.
I played the slots at Ceasar's Palace and Won!! Just enough to cover the stay at the hotel in Mesquite, but i did walk away with more money than when i sat down.

Shot into LA from Vegas, and did some cleaning-read 32 30gal trashbags filled and stacked waiting for a dumpster-at grandfathers. Uncovered another gun, some war medals, a letter jacket, and navy uni
forms from Don and Max's time in the navy.

Cruised up PCH on our way to Modesto, got a sunburn, and sore butt, but enjoyed the incredible vistas of the pacific coast (along with every UPS driver that we passed along the way)

Stopping along the route a
t anything that perked our interest, or to take the occaisional dip in the ocean or walk along the beach...just for the record, that is the way to travel from SOCAL to NORCAL.

Absolutely beautiful. The San Juan Bautista Mission was beautiful, and empty-appearently no one else has a father who has MAJOR sleep disfunction and gets up before the sun-and doesn't want to be alone, so he wakes you up.

finished up the business portion of the trip in souther Oregon-pode drove on this portion of the trip, i cannot drive in Oregon, long story, warrants, don't ask-and we drove back through the Shasta Cascade Region of Northern California. It was pre
tty, but it was getting dark, so i did not get to enjoy it for long.

We stayed in Reno for the night (no luck winning any money for this hotel stay, but i gave it my best shot).
For the record-Interstate 80 is not suitable for travel except for 2 weeks in the end of September. Otherwise it is covered in ice, torn up from the ice, or being rebuilt from being torn up by the ice. needless to say we were in a construction zone pretty much every15 miles the whole way back.

arrived back in CO just in time for the Neighborhood Garage Sale (yes that was planned...) and made enough money to buy lunch at Red Robin (which consequently made all of us la vie)

so that is the trip update, my appologies for not having any pictures of meals, but i was caught unprepared.